How to open, view, print PDF file on Windows 8, Windows 8.1?

1. Download and install PDF Viewer for Windows 8

2. Select from main menu "File"->"Open", and choose the a PDF file.

3. Select from main menu "File"->"Print"

4. Select an inkjet or LaserJet or dot-matrix Printer

5. If you need to adjust PDF generation options, click the "Property" button on the right

6. Click "OK"

7. A dialog will pop up, assign the folder or file name of the PDF document to be generated

8. Congratulations! You have opened, viewed, printed PDF file on Windows 8.

When you open and view PDF files, you don't need to install any Adobe software a priori. PDF Viewer for Windows 8 is a standalone application that requires no 3rd-party component or software.

To replace Windows 8 Reader with PDF Viewer for Windows 8 as your system default reader, simply click Tools->Set As Default PDF Reader from the menu.